Friday, December 5, 2008

Pizza my Pocketbook

Papa Murphy's pizza is the best in town. On that we agree. It goes downhill from there. One large pizza is plenty to feed the three of us. Unfortunately, we can't agree on crusts, toppings, etc. But they do have individual pizzas. But the thick crust extra cheese (Ben) is only available in large. Logan and I each favor the thin crust style (also only available in large). So instead of a single large pizza, or three individuall sized-ones, we end up with three large pizzas. Instead of around $10, we spend in the neighborhood of $30. But, I get my garlic, chicken. artichoke, white sauce, thin crust, Ben has his thick crust extra cheese, and Logan enjoys his thin crust pepperoni. Does anyone else have this problem? Would you like to combine forces the next time we try to have pizza?

1 comment:

  1. Papa Murphy's is the best!!!
    With a coupon you can get 3 family size (any type) for under $25. Freeze the rest. It reheats just fine.