Monday, December 29, 2008

December 26

Brother Rick turned 65 on December 26. I last saw him in October when this photo was taken. I cherish it because it includes we three surviving siblings. Valery on the left, Rick's wonderful partner, Kathy, me and the birthday boy. We gathered at Colleen's house for a mini-reunion. I have no idea what we thought was so funny, but we don't need much of an excuse to get silly and laugh our heads off. On the 26th Kathy hosted a birthday party for Rick in Napa. I've heard from Valery and Colleen that it was a great party; I wish I had been there.
Rick's 65th birthday was also the 100th wedding anniversary of our beloved grandparents, Ernest and Minnie P. Blair. They were married at 4 A.M. in Placerville, California and then took a train to San Francisco for their honeymoon.
Here's Minnie Pauline Nichols in her wedding gown.

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