Friday, September 12, 2008


I've been working on a hand-appliqued quilt for about nine months and I'm nearly done with the hand-piecing. I have one more block to go and when the quilt store gets the pattern in, I can finish. It has been an incredible learning experience. I started out confidently thinking I could do it. With each block I completed, I learned more about the subtleties of yet-to-be-learned skills. And now waiting to work on Block 23, I can't wait to apply what I learned from Block 22 and I wonder what Block 23 will reveal as yet to be learned. It's a great metaphor, one that nearly drives me back to writing. Yet, I hesitate because somehow I'm afraid it is hackneyed and I will be unable to bring anything fresh to it. Maybe I've failed to assimilate the lesson of the quilt!
See the unassembled blocks at

As soon as I assemble the quilt top, I'll be ready to learn how to hand quilt -- another lesson in humility, I'm sure.

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