Monday, September 22, 2008


The caterpillar is a black swallowtail.
The sign outside Logan's door is Chinese (I don't know which dialect), not Japanese.
Colleen's dogs are fine.
A turtle was eating our cantelopes.


  1. I suppose Ben figured that out.
    Where did Logan pick up Chinese?
    I am glad they are ok.
    I guess it would make sense since you guys actually have turtles there that wander around. But how did the turtle end up in your yard and the dogs not notice?

  2. Actually I figured out the caterpillar.
    Logan went to an after school cultural enrichment program last year and they studied a bit of Chinese.
    The part of the yard with the garden is separated by a fence from the area the dogs call their own.

  3. A turtle? Did you catch him in the act? Ha!