Sunday, September 21, 2008

". . . dust thou art and unto dust shall thou return." (Genesis 3:18)

You can see the corn patch is now empty. Vegetable gardening is hard work! I think the agricultural revolution was a big mistake; maybe next year I'll take up hunting or gathering. The sweat ran into my eyes, which I couldn't wipe because my hands were muddy and covered with morning glory residue which was causing a rash that I didn't want to transfer to my eyes. I couldn't wipe my nose which was running because I'm allergic to everything out there. But we did score a lot more green beans, bunches of carrots and six of these cousins to tomato horn worms. These particular critters live on the carrots and have retractable orange horns which Ben suspects might be poisonous since the caterpillar uses them as weapons and charges quite aggressively with them. Very interesting. We captured the critters and put them into a carrot-filled habitat on the front porch. I'd like to see what kind of moth they yield.

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  1. That's such a pretty caterpillar! I'd like to see it turn into a chrysalis, and then a butterfly. What do they eat?