Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Today has been a really good day. Logan went to school for half a day and I experienced that euphoria that comes when your youngest child starts kindergarten. You know the kind of day you torture yourself trying to decide if:
  1. You should run naked through a meadow whilst tossing daisies in the air, or
  2. Stay in your jammies all day eating Godiva chocolates while reading bodice-bursting romance novels, or
  3. Begin a movie marathon wherein you go by yourself to the movies, get a really big box of really buttery popcorn, and a slurpee, and milk duds and catch up on all the Oscar nominees you failed to see
  4. Have a late champagne breakfast (does Dom Perignon go with with Cheerios?)
  5. Meet your best girl friend for lunch and gossip and dis all the people you mutually feel superior to
  6. Do your income taxes
Well, at least I've narrowed the list down to five items. I'm sure I'll get at least one of them accomplished today, but I have many days ahead to work on it.

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