Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Foot Notes

Today Logan's orthopedic surgeon told us Logan's foot is healing nicely. The dislocation is perfectly in place and the fracture is knitting just as it should. He is now cleared to bear weight on it as he continues to wear the boot cast. He tried walking without the walker and can manage limited distances. If the neurosurgeon clears him next Tuesday, we will go to California for Easter weekend.
We hated saying good-bye to Valery as she began her drive up to Kansas City to catch her flight back to California this evening. Her presence allowed me precious hours of respite spent with my quilting buddies and enjoying a glass of wine with friend Sharon. Valery  cooked, she cleaned, she cheered us up, took us out for meals and spread joy.
Kevin and Rachel came down Friday afternoon. It was great seeing them and seeing Rachel's hair starting to grow out. Support of my family has been so healing to both Logan and me during these very difficult weeks.

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