Thursday, June 6, 2013

Some Sappy Sentimental Stuff

Fresh from the bath, they fell asleep in my bed one evening shortly after they came to live with me in El Dorado Hills.  Ben is on the left. A function of odd lighting, Logan's hair looks red in this picture. Ben is five years old, Logan is four. I'm struck by how Logan's hand still looks like a baby's.

 A trip to Legoland with cousin Danny for their first roller coaster ride. Ben is scared to death, but is determined to tough it out and then wants to ride again Logan is beyond scared and NEVER wants to come near a roller coaster ever again.

 A roar of victory by a nearly toothless Ben after being awarded his low green Tae Kwan Do belt by Paul Olsen in El Dorado Hills. He eventually earned a black belt just before we moved to Missouri. In Missouri he earned a second degree black belt (recommended) and then had to give up Tae Kwan Do when music began to take too much time (band. choir, and private drum lessons).

 Ben at Disney's California Adventure Theme Park in Anaheim, part of a three-day stay with brother Logan, Aunt Colleen, and cousin Robby.
Ben Franklin at Lake Forest Elementary School, 4th Grade.

Ben and Logan were blessed with wonderful compassionate teachers during their four years at Lake Forest School.  From the left of Logan is Amy Schulze, Kathy Miracle, Anita Garza, and Debby Valladon Hornsby. Missing is kindergarten teacher, Lisa Gardino. Yes, they are chewing bubble gum, blowing bubbles, and in general proving that teachers are normal crazy people. I love these women and am so grateful to them for allowing Ben and Logan to grieve in the mysterious way that children grieve.

Ben almost masters the surfboard on a trip to Maui in 2006. Friend Lisa Cardwell invited us to join their family on a week long stay at the Ritz Carlton on Maui. We had lousy weather and great fun!
Brothers share a chair in the city of brotherly love.  We took a very special trip to the east coast in June of 2006, spending a week on Cape Cod and then touring by train to Manhattan, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia. When Ben and Logan were young, they often shared a chair while they watched TV or played a video game. This photo captures what was probably the last time that happened.

Ben's visit to the Bohart Entomology Museum on the UC Davis campus cemented his determination to attend school on that campus. That resolve will become reality this fall. Next week he departs to begin his new life in California. Getting ready for his departure entails combing through everything he has collected in his room during the past eight years and a long meandering trip down memory lane for me.

Ben studies a caterpillar while at GLADE last year. He spent a week at a nature camp (Green Leadership Academy for Diverse Ecosystems) and had many opportunities to observe nature and its inhabitants up close and personal.

I straighten up the cap and collar of his graduation outfit just before we head out for the ceremony on May 10.

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  1. I still keep a framed picture displayed of them doubled up in a chair watching cartoons--those were my favorite pass me a hanky, please...