Monday, May 27, 2013

More Circle of LIfe, Backyard Edition

It's only right that Ben provides me with blog material in the next couple of weeks, he leaves for California in just over two weeks! We are busy cleaning out his room, packing stuff for storage and to take. It's very hard. When he's not packing he continues his backyard observations. It's a race against the clock to see if his mantids will hatch before he leaves. He maintains a vigil as rigorous as any found in a maternity ward.

This bunny met his maker just over our back fence where our neighbor grows a vegetable garden. I'm hoping there is no connection between the rabbit's love of fresh vegetables and his demise. We had been watching this bunny make his rounds through the neighborhood over the past few weeks. We would first catch sight of him emerging from a back yard across the street (a yard with a vegetable garden). He would hop across the street, cut across our lawn, spend some time in our raspberry bushes before crawling under the fence to the greater bounty of our neighbor's garden. RIP, little cottontail. At least I'll miss you.

And it looks like the backyard biologist is assured of another generation of box turtles. Doesn't she look just a bit perturbed by the camera's intrusion? This photo leaves me with some lingering questions about what goes where and how does it get there, but I'm sure the turtles have it all figured out.

*Photos courtesy  of Benjamin Maples

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  1. I sincerely hope Ben will be able to continue supplying such great fodder for the Blog as he studies in California. We have interesting flora and fauna here in California also, some of the not-two-legged variety!