Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter and Many Men

 This will have to be my official birthday portrait this year, I don't think I can get these guys to stand still for a picture all together again. Why do you suppose it's so hard to get them to pose? You'd think it took real effort to stand around trying to look pleasant. And while I'm at it, why do you suppose it's so hard to get them to empty the lint trap in the dryer when they do laundry?
 Julia prepared a nice ham dinner for us on Easter Sunday which we consumed very soon after arriving at noon and then we sat around in a sated soporific state the rest of the afternoon as demonstrated by Logan, Ash, and Nick in the picture above.

Here Jerry and Adam show how it's done. Jerry has reason to be tired. He's been working feverishly to finish his RN program and will graduate in May. He already has a job waiting for him. He started back to school nearly four years ago and has plowed through the program nonstop ever since.  I can't wait to celebrate when he finishes -- imagine how he feels!

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon (until a cold front moved in around 4:00). Not seen in this photo are the women: me, Julia, Krista, Bernice, and Amanda. We're sitting on the porch watching the guys across the yard. I think Steve is refilling his wine glass. It was kind of a small gathering this year, and there were no little kids to hunt Easter eggs. And it may well be Ben's last Easter with the Maples clan for a while. If all goes according to plan, he'll be in California at this time next year.

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