Friday, January 4, 2013

Aft and Fore

In 2012, Logan:
  • Turned 15, got his driver's permit, and learned to drive forward. We'll work on backing up as the weather allows.
  • Finished his Freshman year and got half way through his sophomore year.
  • Pursued speech and debate, "finalling" for the first time.
  • Played football. His team had an outstanding season, finishing third state-wide for their division. He was thrilled to be able to play a few plays after the varsity had established a significant lead.
  • Kept busy all summer at summer school, football camp, and visiting Massachusetts.
In 2012, Ben:
  • Got his driver's license. He still doesn't drive much, takes the car to school when I don't need it. Sometimes he brings it home again. (He forgot one day and rode the bus home, leaving the car in the school parking lot.) Another time he called and asked me to come pick him up -- I had to inform him he had driven to school.
  • Did very well in math competition and will compete at the state level.
  • Got a "Bright Flight" scholarship in recognition of his outstanding ACT score. 
  • Marched for his last high school season.
  • Finished his Junior year and got half way through his senior year.
  • Kept busy all summer at summer school, band camp, and GLADE (a nature-based summer camp).
In 2012, I did very few of the things I thought in January, 2011 that I would do.
  • I didn't have a second knee replacement.
  • No relatives came to claim any household goods.
  • Didn't sell the house.
  • Didn't go to Massachusetts.
  • I did go to the reunion of my high school friends and had a fabulous time -- much better than I had dreamed of.
  • Did enjoy a nice visit when Valery came.
  • Held true to my vow to relinquish hosting Christmas.

Plans for this year include:
  • Ben's graduation.
  • A special trip for Ben's graduation (TBA).
  • More dental work (ugh!).
  • Replace knee #2.
  • Sell the house and move.
  • Logan to get his driver's license.
  • Keep on quilting.
  • More football for Logan.
  • Add at least one new car to the family fleet.
  • Send Ben off to college to an as yet undetermined school.

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