Thursday, May 3, 2012

Season Finale (the Edible Kind)

 Ben holds the award he received at this year's band banquet. It's a bit nicer, but not as funny as the award he received last year. This year he was recognized for serving as a section leader. Last year, he won a "Golden Plunger" award for having the reddest hair. Sadly, the plunger's paint has not held up too well and if it continues to wear away, the plunger may end up in the service for which it was designed. For now, the plunger occupies a place of honor on Ben's bookshelves while the medallion will join other medals, letters, pendants, badges, etc., on his lampshade.
And in other end-of-the-season food news, I picked up our last winter season CSA share Tuesday. In the three years we have been members of Millsap's CSA both their growing practices and our eating practices have improved. Curtis has tried countless varieties of veggies, done lots of research, and much networking during that time, and now produces beautiful organically grown, interesting vegetables. I, in turn, have experimented with preparing whatever is handed us and come up with some interesting food. Some of the "ordinary" vegetables become quite extraordinary when they are fresh from the farm. The difference between just-picked lettuce or spinach and the store's offerings is astounding. Hardly seems to be the same vegetable. I've been known to nibble on a fresh spinach leaf on the way home from the farm, but would never be tempted as I return from WalMart.

With a heavy heart I've decided not to renew our CSA membership. It's just too far to drive and its often complicated for me to show up Tuesday afternoons between 4 and 5. So, with the opening of the new year-round Farmer's Market on the south side of Springfield, and the participation in that market by the Millsaps, I'm now going to do my veggie shopping on Saturday mornings at 7:30, or on Thursday afternoons. I'm pleased that I will still have access to the same quality fresh goodies and that I'll have the opportunity to stay in touch with the Millsaps. I may even have to drive out to the farm from time to time just to see how their garden grows. 

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