Thursday, May 10, 2012

Art Give Away

"Musicians" by Boulanger -- an original litho with a certificate of authenticity on the back

"The Clyde with Dunbarton Bridge in the Background" (Scotland)  H.M. Culloch/ J.T. Willmore: an early print made in 1840. I purchased this in Bermuda and it is framed in Bermuda cedar.
"Rouen - Le Rue de l'Epicerie" by C.H. Nollet. A signed original etching with certificate of authenticity. Given to me by former son-in-law, Wes Paine. (Tom might want this -- we went to Rouen together and saw the cathedral from this perspective.)

"Pennsylvania Barn" by Sandra Philpot. Original Litho signed and numbered 5/50. Sandra is known to me.

"Paris, a Rainy Day" by Gustave Caillebotte. This is a print purchased from a museum. the inset photos are of Galligan ancestors who bear a striking resemblance to the subjects of the painting -- a little family joke.

 Untitled orginal oil painting by Erla Blair
 Original oil painting by Erla Blair
California Street  San Francisco by Ralph (last name illegible), original signed water color, circa 1952.
Solar eclipse photo taken by Helen Millward near the Canary Islands

Time lapse photos of the moon taken by Helen Millward .

Let me know if you want any of these pictures, family has priority, but all welcome to speak for any. (The sun and moon photos might make good classroom art.)

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