Friday, September 30, 2011

Many Pictures, Few Words

Logan, looking good in the ninth grade, 2011 (the braces come off in October!)

School Picture, Ben, 2011 (So handsome and grown up!)

Logan, as he sees himself (at 6"1" - 180 pounds)

Valery and Logan ride bikes at the American RiverValery and the boys, Robby, Ben and Logan - this taken at Lake Tahoe.

A trio of car climbers at Rick and Kathy's Toad Ranch

Brother Rick and SIL Kathy celebrating her 65th birthday at Toad Ranch. I think they are starting to look alike.
Sister Valery at the Toad Ranch birthday celebration. Doesn't she look great in her pretty dress?
Thanks for all of these photos, Val, (except the school pix).

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