Thursday, September 8, 2011

All's Well Including Robby

This photo of Robby was taken when he still had an appendix, was getting used to his new glasses, and had his mouth closed. It's a picture of a kid I miss very much and would love to see.
This past Wednesday Colleen called to tell me she was at UC Davis hospital and that Robby was on his way to surgery. I wanted to teleport and be there with her and with him. My heart stayed fastened to them all day, and the news was all good. The laproscopy went smoothly and by all reports he was great patient, brave and confident. By the end of the day he was craving Kentucky Fried Chicken!

Here's Robby as I see him in my mind, five years ago. I've seen him since, about four years ago, but I haven't been back to California in some time, and he's grown into a nearly teen-ager (12). I MISS YOU ROBBY and I'm so relieved that you are mending quickly.

Last night's football game was a thriller! Ozark beat state-ranked (whatever that means) Kearney in a game that had the local fans on their feet for nearly the entire fourth quarter, while Ozark took and maintained the lead. High school football is very big in this town. Lots of three generation families fill the stands whether or not they have kids in school. Ben played in the band and I did band uniform wardrobe mistress duty before and after the game.

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