Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oh My Stars!

Football pictures were taken after the end of the season, so the uniform isn't quite complete -- no cleats or long socks, just legs covered with lots of long blond hair! I really like this picture, it's very typical of how he looks these days. I already miss football season and going to his games. I love watching him -- he seems so confident and comfortable with himself.

Here's the other star in the family. This picture was taken today (12-15-2010) just minutes after I finished sewing this costume for the Christmas madrigal Ben is singing in tomorrow and Friday. It was finished just an hour and a half before the dress rehearsal. I had worked on it nearly every waking moment for a week and a half and spent close to $200 on it. I kept thinking something was wrong, I wasn't getting the whole story. How could everyone in the choir come up with a costume given the cost and effort I was spending? Well, in fact, they didn't. I guess I'm guilty of overkill. When I dropped Ben off tonight, I noticed most of the kids were just wearing black pants, a muslin peasant shirt and perhaps a bright scarf around their waists. Ben may well be the best-dressed of them all. I hope he isn't uncomfortable because of it -- I'm sure I'll get a full report tonight when I pick him up. Oh, well. It's a great costume and I had a lot of fun making it.

By the way, I now have a new phone number due to a snafu when I transferred service from one carrier to another. If you need my number, drop me an email or comment on the blog.


  1. Logan has Justin Bieber hair!!! They both look fantastic!

  2. We got hair cuts yesterday, when I post Christmas pictures, tell me if you think Logan still has JB hair. I do think they are great looking guys, but then all my descendants are gorgeous.