Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Run-up

  1. A little bit of shopping - mostly online with a severely curtailed gift list.
  2. Sewing like crazy - items for church bazaar.
  3. Frantically making a renaissance costume for Ben's Christmas Madrigal choir concert -- it should be done this weekend -- must be done this weekend the concert is the 16th!
  4. Parties - after several years of no parties, suddenly four are on my calendar -- two down, two to go.
  5. Ben's Christmas band concert (tonight) it was wonderful. Ben played the plastic bag and a sheet of red poster board. (Here wearing "A. Eagle" hoodie and playing plastic bag percussion.)
  6. Ben's Christmas Choir concert.
  7. Community service - packing food baskets -- they were willing and fast workers -- and then they got to eat some of the leftovers!-
  8. "Adopting" a family through "Least of These" and shopping for gifts.
  9. Planning Christmas menu.
  10. And ta-da! getting our family Christmas present early -- Ben set it up and it works!

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