Monday, October 11, 2010

Wishing Well?

The person who assaulted my grandson last October has been released from El Dorado County Jail and been booked by Placer County on charges of transporting and selling narcotics. He's held without bail and is scheduled for trial October 21. I'm guessing that will be a preliminary hearing and the process will drag on for a while. I find myself wishing that he will be convicted and that this will constitute a "second strike." I want him in prison.

Then I start to feel bad and wonder if wishing ill for someone will poison me. But, am I wishing ill for someone, or wishing for the safety of others? I have never seen the young man; I've seen his booking photo and Colleen has reported on his conduct at various court proceedings. My reaction to the vacant look in his eyes was that he had no soul. What I construe from Colleen's reports is that he also has no remorse. I'm not sure that there is any benefit to returning him to society.

I am as sick over his lost soul as I am over the injuries to Danny and by extension to Colleen and all the rest of us who love Danny. The perpetrator is only nineteen years old and was once someone's darling baby boy. His mother is still involved in his life and did appear at the last one of the court proceedings. She did tell Colleen she was sorry, but I got the feeling there is not a strong connection between the mother and her son.

I am concerned about the long term affects of the attack on Danny. Will he become jaded? Insensitive to his own pain? Will he somehow gain something from it? Will he be safe and avoid dangerous situations? I am so grateful his physical mending went well and pray that his soul mends equally well. He is a beautiful, sweet, gorgeous, lovable, young man with wonderful potential.


  1. Some thoughts:

    You're not going be poisoned by wishing ill upon an extremely person. This is why we have jails. If nothing else, keeping him incarcerated, as you desire, will undoubtedly prevent injuries to other innocent people.

    As for Bowen's mother, she should be thankful that he is not on death row.

    I'm not sure how the strikes work. I'm hoping this counts as two, and the fact that he has been transported from El Dorado to Placer to Sacramento means that all three jurisdictions have something on him. Maybe he's at three already.

    I certainly hope that he spends more years incarcerated. With the lack of remorse he has expressed, and you alluded to, it is clear that he is not ready to contribute to society. Any parole board will see that.

    Finally, Danny is and always have been a healthy, strong young man. Hopefully the physical and emotional scars will heal soon. I know he is trying. He certainly has much more love and support from his family than the perpetrator does.

    Sorry if I said too much. Let me know if you hear anything further.

  2. We are reminded everyday how lucky and blessed we are.
    I hope for the best for this young man who hurt Danny. He is facing some very serious charges, and I can only hope that he will not be further damaged. It scares me to think of his potential. I try to have comfort in believing that his family will be there to support him once he is released.
    I cannot think any worse of him, as that feeds my fears.
    Whatever happens is clearly out of our hands, we can only embrace our kids and be grateful they are who they are.
    Thank you all for caring so much about Danny, he is doing great and will continue to do so.
    Love, Colleen

  3. Beautiful, Colleen. I know that hate and anger only hurt the person who holds the hate and anger.
    You have a beautiful soul.