Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer, so far

Logan's favorite summer activity is cuddling with the dogs. He wishes he had four more! When he's not doing this, he's swimming, playing basketball, playing stupid video games or working on Grandma's chore list. We've cleared out a lot of junk the past couple of weeks through garage sales, donations, and trash hauling. I should say we got rid of lots of stuff, but our lives and house don't seem to be any less cluttered. Health maintenance takes a lot of time, too. We've done sports physicals, the dentist, orthodontist and still have the eye doctor to see.

CSA Summer bounty is underway and I love it. I like picking up my share of fresh veggies and then planning our menus around the harvest. Many of these goodies are best prepared in a plain and simple way. We had the squash last night with fish fillets, organic brown rice, and green salad. I'll use the broccoli tonight with potatoes roasted along with Millsap farm chicken served with raspberry balsamic sauce (raspberries fresh from our garden). Later in the week we'll have Kohlrabi slaw and I've already made a fabulous Caesar salad with the lettuce. I saved the liquid from a jar of Klausen's dills and will use it to dress the cucumber. The turnips are the mild Japanese turnips and I like them sliced and fried up with onions, tossing in some greens to wilt just before serving. Buried in the pile is the first harvest of Tat Soi, a veggie I never encountered until we joined the CSA. It's kind of spoon shaped and rather like Bok Choy in taste but more delicate in texture. I like it just steamed or stirred into rice.

Tomorrow is our work day at the farm. I'm a hot weather wimp, so I hope it won't be too hot and humid.

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