Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Do You Have An Appointment?

Oh yes, indeed, we have many appointments.

  • Get the car serviced
  • Service sewing machines -- 2 machines, 2 different shops
  • Shots, flea stuff, heart worm meds for the dogs
  • Grooming for Oreo
  • Haircuts for Ben, Logan, and Grandma
  • Pedicure for Grandma
  • Dental appointments for Ben and Logan
  • Follow up dental for Ben's fillings
  • Orthodontist for Logan
  • Eye Exams for Ben and Logan
  • Follow up with Eye Surgeon for Grandma
  • Labs for monitoring Grandma's statin drug
  • Audiology for Grandma
  • Mammogram for Grandma
  • Sports physicals for Ben and Logan
And that's all just routine maintenance -- wonder if I forgot something? How did you spend your summer vacation?

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