Saturday, May 22, 2010

Virtual Graduation

I "attended" Tom's graduation today via webcast on the UMass Dartmouth website. When Tom's name was called and he crossed the stage to receive his Master's degree in Public Policy, I hit the print screen button. When it was all over, I opened up a Word document and pushed "control v" on my keyboard and saved the photo. Since my printer isn't working, I sent the Word document to Logan's email address and printed out the picture. Then I scanned the photo back to my computer and into a Picasa Web album and uploaded it to my blog. That's a lot of machinations and a very blurry image. But, still it's a miracle! So is Tom's graduation -- I'm so proud of him (and Nichole and Mallaika for supporting his pursuit of a dream). Now, he says he still wants to get a PhD in philosophy and/or Economics and maybe a law degree. Maybe he'll never grow up. He expects to continue working for UMass next year.

I can't wait to hear from Nichole and see her pictures -- they will include photos of Mallaika's dance recital this morning.

In other academic news, Rachel's graduation is coming up on June 19 and Ben and Logan are now officially on summer vacation -- no summer school this year, just band and football camps.

Not only was watching Tom's graduation in real time a miracle, but at the very moment he was crossing the stage, Ben and Logan were outside mowing and weed-whacking the yard WITHOUT PROMPTING!


  1. Computer tip: You can also open up your paint program (should just be microsoft paint) and hit "ctrl + v" to get the image. Then you can "save to" desktop or wherever as a .jpg or a .png or .gif or whatever. That should save you a few steps. :)

  2. @You Nanimous -- I can't figure out how to get the image into Picasa from either Paint or Word. I want to manipulate the image (color, light, cropping) before posting. The only way I can figure how to get the image into Picasa is via the scanner. I also want the image in Picasa because that's where I keep all my photos. Any hints?