Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why does this feel like cheating?

I got my sister a birthday present. It's what she wanted and what I wanted to give her. So, I should feel good about it. And I do, but there's a little part of me that feels guilty because it was so easy. I sat down at my computer and ordered a gift card, paying for it with my debit card. No trip to the store, no anguishing over choices, no gift wrap, no trip to the post office. Somehow my gut says I more fully express my love if I go through all the painful machinations I just described. I want to get over it.

I like getting gift cards and I love spending them. Each time I spend them it is like getting a gift all over again. My son and daughter-in-law gave me a gift card for JoAnne's fabric store. I go there a lot, so it was a great gift. Not only do I go there a lot, but I usually spend very small amounts of money each trip. So my gift card lasted for four visits to the store -- like getting four presents.

When buying an online gift card, I save postage, which is getting awfully expensive. I've spent nearly $50 on postage this month sending packages. I've got to get over the guilt! My sister's gift was entirely electronic. I wonder if she will spend it online.

Okay, I've convinced myself -- it's not cheating. Expect to receive a gift card the next time I give you a present!

By the way, Valery's birthday is Saturday, the 25th. Wish her a happy birthday (and if you get her a present, make it a gift card for Macy's.)


  1. I think it's actually Sunday the 25th.....

  2. I think gift cards are great! I put a gift card to a cosmetic ingredients supplier on my amazon wishlist, because I shop there all the time. :-)

  3. Thank you, Anonymous, for setting the record straight! Yep, my birthday is tomorrow, so I haven't spent my gift card yet, but watch out Macy's tomorrow! :)

  4. Feeling guilting for not seeking, buying, wrapping, and mailing a present is equivalent to feeling guilty about not feeding your horse, not stoking your furnace with coal, not boiling your laundry in a cauldron. Money spent on postage is such a waste if it can be avoided!