Friday, October 30, 2009

Not Again!

Over 50 inches of rain so far this year and the river is flooded again. In this shot taken down river, you can see the bridge in the center, the mill to the left of the bridge, and a line of turbulent water where the dam is swamped. Click on the picture to see an enlarged image. Today is crisp and clear.

Things have settled down now that football and band season are over. Logan's team ended the season at 5-1 -- he was sick and couldn't play the day they lost a game. Ben survived and enjoyed his overnight band trip to Saint Louis and I lived through my anxiety over letting him go. The kids got great 1st term grades: all A's except both boys got B's in English. Both boys have "famous" English teachers. Life is good and dull making it hard to find anything bloggable.

Tomorrow is my favorite holiday. No, not Halloween -- Fall Back -- DST ends and we get an extra hour's sleep!

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