Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stonehenge Wasn't Built in a Day

Amanda recently visited Stonehenge and brought us back some great souvenirs. The cardboard cut-it-out-and-assemble-following-detailed-tedious-instructions kit is just perfect for Ben's obsessive-compulsive nature. He loves detail and minutiae -- this kit provides it in spades! Not shown are the chads from his labors littering his bedroom floor.

Mc Stonehenge

Logan received a box of little plastic rocks with instructions on how to arrange them to replicate the ancient monument. Logan, however, believes the archeologists got it all wrong, it is not an ancient calendar, astronomical reckoning arrangement, nor has it any religious significance. It is the original McDonald's Drive-Thru. As you can see, one could easily drive one's chariot around this arrangement, stop at the large tablet displaying the mastodon-burger offerings, place one's order, and proceed to the far side to pick it up, taking care to avoid hitting the monolith out front which predated the Golden Arches. Or the druid family could choose to go inside, order at the counter and picnic on the Salisbury Plain.

Fortunately, I received a refrigerator magnet; no assembly required. (By the way, I attribute the flurry of recent posts to the fact that I'm avoiding housework.)

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  1. These look GREAT! Someday the boys will have to visit the real thing. :)