Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I finished Nichole's birthday quilt yesterday, 19 days after her October 9th birthday, and put it in the mail today. This one is called "Metamorphosis,"
symbolic of the changes in all of our lives during the past year that the quilt has been under construction, and because there are butterflies in the batik print around the border. The square at the right is my first pieced block, assembled last October when friend Irene was visiting. She is an excellent quilter and patiently helped me stumble through my first efforts.

On my trip to the Post Office this morning, I noticed that gas is now $1.96.9

On Monday, a local lawn-mowing frenzy signalled the end of the growing season --everyone was giving their lawns one last going over before storing the mowers away for the winter. In California, we mowed all year.

Tonight Ben and Logan will rehearse "A Charlie Brown Christmas." Ben is Linus and Logan is Snoopy.

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  1. I bet they will both be fantastic. Thanks a million Grandma!!