Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wireless and Lovin' It!

NOW I feel at home. As of yesterday, all systems were go. Stupid stuff like being unable to find my pc power cord and running out of printer ink kept everything from functioning in a way that gave me peace. At last I have Kindle, iPhone, PC, two TVs, an X box, laptop, printer, and sewing machine all operating the way they are supposed to. All that is left to for me to conquer is the full use of my new iPhone and the TV remote. I caved in and bought iPhone for Seniors for Dummies to help with the phone (it's a stretch for a former techie who wrote manuals to actually break down, buy one, and read it). Conquering the TV remote I'll leave for some day when boredom sets in. I'll know I'm home when I find time to sit down and sew once again. My fingers are itching to touch fabric.

I upgraded my iphone 3 to an iphone 5s the day before I left Ozark. So, I took off cross-country not knowing for sure how to even answer a phone call. I quickly learned how to use the map feature and "she" guided us to our hotels most of the time. I'll let the mis-direction in Flagstaff slide for now.

I've bought cleaning supplies and implements, food, and some plants for the back yard, so I'm starting to feel settled. Pictures still need to be hung and I need to clean house. Once I've cleaned, I'll feel like it really is mine.

Logan is settling in, although he is lonely and bored some of the time. He has made some acquaintances by hanging around the pool. It's really tough when you are 17 and need to be cool all the time. I want him to bring the new people around to meet me and the idea horrifies him. He wants to go hang out with them and I don't know anything about them. It's tough. I'll be glad when school starts and we can get a rhythm to our lives. Now, he sleeps late and stays up late. All of this is so normal for a teen-ager, but it is still a bit inconvenient for this morning person.

More later about the move, the trip, the new place, etc.

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  1. I'm glad you are blogging again and Logan is slowly finding some friends. When does school start in your neck of the woods. School creates a its own rhythm of activities, which can be a good thing. Glad Colleen was able to help you get into the new digs.