Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dam It!

It's a beaver dam. And it's attached to the upstream side of a pier on the Finley River Bridge. And I'm worried about it and the beaver. I spotted the beaver one day a few months ago waddling across the road (the beaver, not me) at the end of the bridge. I just assumed he was building a dam safely down river where it would be real hard to get at. No, this urban animal chose to live on the mill pond where people fish every day, kids swim in the summer, people putter around in boats, and a steady stream of cars thunders by overhead. My immediate fear was that mean-spirited people would bother the critter and/or destroy the dam. Then I learned it's perfectly legal to trap beavers in these parts. His (I'm just assuming it is a single male) luck has held for the past week or so. I have observed city parks folks looking at the dam, but they seemed to have decided to leave it alone for now.  I'm hoping he gets to stay -- makes my five or six daily trips across the bridge just a bit more interesting.

The birthday boy at sweet sixteen. He chose to wear his suit to school on his birthday partly because he had a presentation in English where he was posing as a lawyer and partly because he is a peacock and loves to strut his 6' 2" 222 lb. stuff dressed up in a suit. The good news is x-rays of his legs this week revealed his growth plates have closed, so he shouldn't be getting any taller. He went to the doctor because he is experiencing knee pain while doing football training exericises. So, he is going to try some physical therapy, some anti-inflammatory drugs, and more exercises. I wish him well!

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