Friday, November 30, 2012

To Do

  1. Finish decorating the tree and house (and back deck). Boxes and decorations are currently all over the living room. Why do I keep all that stuff year after year and never use it and have to sort through it each Christmas season? The tree is erect, but essentially bare. Of course, the most treasured ornaments are no where to be found. I'll have to make do with what I can find.
  2. Read a bit of "Flight Behavior" by Barbara Kingsolver. I love BK's writing -- any given sentence or paragraph or image she creates enthralls me. So far, the story, meh!
  3. Set the table for Monday's party. Gotta do this early so I can make sure the dishes, glasses, silverware, and linens pass inspection. Because the dining room usually functions as my sewing room, I had to clean up the litter of the last several sew storms.
  4. Fool around with Facebook and the internet. (x 3, like I'm doing right now)
  5. Dust mop and vacuum all floors - the tree isn't even decorated yet, and it's a fake tree, but still I'm sweeping up pine needles all over the house
  6. Nap - already tried once, but failed. I do like to get my nap out of the way early in the day to free up the afternoon!
  7. Clean the back deck. Replant the hanging planters, discarding pathetic mums and planting fake holly. Vacuum up all the chewed up foam that used to be one of the new cushions I made this summer.
  8. Coffee with Sharon who brings bounty from Trader Joe's in St. Louis
  9. Read a bit of "Consilience" by E. O. Wilson -- what an amazing mind (his, not mine).
  10. Figure out what to have for dinner and fix it. I'm getting pretty good at figuring out how to make parallel vegetarian and carnivore meals. Having tofu and a supply of frozen (homemade) veggie burgers on hand really helps. Tonight's meal is likely to feature beans, rice, and cheese with a bunch of veggies thrown in.

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