Friday, September 7, 2012

Religion and Politics (Political Rant 2)

The parallels between religion and politics are just plain spooky. These come to mind, but there must be many more:
  • Both require a leap of faith.  We can't really know the candidates, we just somehow believe in them.
  • Both make ardent believers into proselytizers. If it's deep in your heart, you have to talk about it and try to make others into believers.
  • It's really hard to win converts. Don't confuse me with logic, my mind is made up.
  • Believers tend to listen to only to what they want to hear and shut out logic and divergent views. 
  • Both involve adulation.
  • Both spawn crazy acts and sometimes violence under the guise of righteousness.
  • Both compel many of the faithful to shout from the rooftops.
  • Few want to hear about any of it.
  • Few do anything about it.
  • Believers are convinced their path is the way to true enlightenment.
  • Outsiders are considered to be "the great unwashed"
  • Activity around these beliefs is focused on certain times of the week or year. The rest of the time people tend to forget their differences.
  • Both tend to relegate women to lesser roles.
  • Both believe the greatest rewards lie in the future.
  • Both stir up passion in their followers.
  • Both involve some kind of salvation . My candidate will deliver us from all the evils of the opposition.
I can see the list is endless, but even though I analyze my passion, and acknowledge divergent views may be valid, I find it so hard to understand why others can't see the issues and the path to salvation as clearly as I can!

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