Monday, September 27, 2010

Designer Labels or What's in a Name?

The quilt police in this part of the country want quilters to put a fancy, unique, informative label on the back of their quilts. Here's one that reports the names of the quilt, the quilter, the designer, the assembler/appliquier, and the construction dates.

This wordy label reports the history of the name (Birth of the Elephant), the maker, place, and date.

Because Mallaika is going to be five years old and will soon be learning to read, I made a label for "Dancing With the Stars " with large clear letters.

I designed this label so that each of the members of my applique group who made a block for the quilt could sign it. I thought up the open book with the flower for a bookmark, but it was Logan who suggested I strew the leaves around the book.

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