Sunday, February 7, 2010

Quilts for Kids

Downy fabric softener promotes Quilts for Kids by providing willing quilters with kits for making quilts which go to children in need: Head Start programs, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals,
Shelters, etc. When you fill out an online form, they send you a quilt kit. The fabric and pattern for this quilt arrived five days after I submitted the form. A week later, the quilt is done and I'm ready to put it back in the mail. The quilter donates the batting, thread, return postage, and her time.

More snow forecast for today, I'm expecting a snow day with no school tomorrow. The timing would be good, Ben is kind of sick, but won't admit it and I'd like to see him get some rest.


  1. Robby received a blanket when he was in the hospital (the second time). It wasn't the most beautiful blanket I had ever seen, but it certainly was one of the most special. Still have it. I know whoever receives this blanket will treasure it forever and it will provide the comfort and security kids in need need.

  2. That made me cry. Somehow the idea of the quilt actually getting to a sick child is too hard from me to imagine. And this one is certainly not a beautiful blanket -- I'm sure it's the ugliest quilt I have made, but hopefully some little boy will love it.