Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Time To Get Serious

Four guests arrive tomorrow -- after I drive round trip to Kansas City airport (360 miles). So, today is it. I started by attending a hand quilting class. I'm nearly seventy and I've never done any hand-quilting -- don't you think this is the perfect time to start? I liked it and bought a bunch of supplies so now I can sit and quilt if ever I'm in avoidance mode. But, of course, I'm not in avoidance mode, I'm right on task. I started vaccuuming the minute I got home, but the whole house vac hose got quite irredeemably clogged up with the stuffing from a toy that ChainSaw chewed up. No problem, I still have my trusty Hoover. The Hoover is pretty good -- it sucks up stuff the house vac spits out. As a fringe benefit, you get a kind of scratch and sniff effect from whatever you suck up. Hence, when I ran over droplets of gorilla glue, the effect was like sniffing glue. I persevered and then ran over some cheetos. The smell made me hungry, so I stopped for lunch. Resuming, I ran over some Easter Chocolate and was impelled to raid the kids Easter baskets. Then, for Cry's Sake! What's this? Why didn't someone tell me -- why didn't someone clean it up -- why didn't someone let the goddamn dog out??? Next came burning rubber -- what's that from? Oh no, ran over the cord, game over.


  1. Happy Birthday Melody! I'm sure everything turned out alright and your guests arrived on time. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Happy Birthday! So sorry we didn't make it over today but it was late when we got home. I hope it was everything you wanted it to be!