Wednesday, November 5, 2008

ah u eeehuh eeee?

One picture is worth $5,604.00

Logan talked through the whole 40 minute process of installing his braces, except for the time he spent making a video with his phone camera. Of course, no one could understand a word he said.
He was a wonderful cheerful patient and I think he looks so much more mature with a mouth full of metal, don't you?

He's been quite uncomfortable the past 30 hours or so, but still a good sport.

Ah, the election! Missouri will probably lose its place as a bellweather state. Results are still inconclusive with McCain leading by about 6,000 votes and 7,000 provisional votes still to be counted. What the hell is a provisional vote???

Today as I went about my business, (mammogram, Target, and the quilt store) I was struck by an aura of gentle kindness surrounding the people I encountered, kind of like the way it is after a major earthquake or other disaster. I feel fortunate to have participated in this historic event and I am filled with hope.

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